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As some people already know – I have relaunched the BuddyPress Newsletter as a (hopefully) successor of BPMail.me. It was a cumbersome process several years ago (hint: everything was done manually and took hours), but now some good tools exist, so I’m automating bits of the work and hope to deliver the newsletter on a weekly basis.

By the middle of the current week I have an almost ready (in terms of content) issue for the next Monday, so good for now 🙂

Current status of the BuddyPress Newsletter

Apart from this, I decided to go open with this newsletter and will share from time to time some statistics about it, like how many people opened, clicked, unsubscribed, perhaps even the most popular links etc. I hope, that will encourage others to do the same with their data.

Right now I think to open some data about issues the day the next one is sent. So we can expect a new post on Monday!


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