BuddyPress Newsletter Statistics up to issue #30

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BPMail Latest Statistics - up to #30 newsletter

As you (might) already know, I’m managing a BuddyPress newsletter. I use Revue (aff link) to collect sources and prepare an email from them, and then deliver to my subscribers. I have already sent 11 issues using this platform, and currently it more or less working for me.

But the post is about a bit different. I’ve already published some (1) information (2) about statistics of the newsletter. But from that time even the Revue logic of counting data has changed, so I will present new data.

First of all, here is a screenshot of open/click rates:

BuddyPress Newsletter Statistics - up to #30 newsletter

As you can see, Open rate is more or less the same (even comparing with the data from the first 2 issues, that were sent in February). But the click rate improved and hugely depends on the content, obviously, and some other fluctuations. I tried sending emails with the same type of content and got different percents, so I don’t know.

My subscribers are stabilized as well, unsubscribe rate is very low. First newsletters contained lots of users, that are not interested in BuddyPress more. So that is the reason subscribers count dropped from 1500+ to the current 1163.

So, if you are interested in getting some sales for your theme or plugin, that is strictly related to BuddyPress, you can contact me (via the newsletter, by replying to it, or via a contact form on this site) and we will discuss, how and when you want to get a promo. I have already done that once, and the BuddyPress plugins shop got some sales through the newsletter. Oh, and product discounts for subscribers are mandatory :). BuddyPress services promotion is allowed as well, let’s talk, if you are interested.


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