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In the previous post I promised to publish BuddyPress Newsletter statistics, because I believe, that this information is not private in my case and it’s always nice to share information that might be useful for someone.

First of all, and the most disappointing for me part, the subscribers list went down from (initially) 1513 subscribers to the current 1229.

BuddyPress Newsletter Subscribers

But this is in general an expected change, because my initial list consisted of those, who were interested in BuddyPress 3 or 4 years ago and some members of my local Russian BuddyPress community. So some unsubscribed because they are not interested anymore, some – because they forgot that they subscribed and didn’t read my initial paragraph in a Relaunch issue. There were people that seems marked newsletter as spam without even opening it :(. And there were a rather big list of bounced email addresses, that is obviously a good thing. It’s always much better to have a smaller list but with real people who actually care. Kudos to Aron for replying to the latest newsletter 🙂

There is a good side as well though. I got several dozens of new subscribers naturally, thanks to social networks like Twitter, where I share my issues.

Opens and Clicks

I don’t remember that I have ever seen publicly available rather sensitive newsletter stats like percent opened and clicked. I believe, some might think that they need to preserve this data to themselves only, but … here they are, my BuddyPress Newsletter Statistics:

BuddyPress Newsletter Statistics

As you see, initial Relaunch issue got better results because of a “hype” and quite a bunch of retweets. #22 was much worse, and it was expected by me.

Most clicks went to either official news (in #21) or themes (#22) for up to almost 2 dozens (21 and 19 respectively) per each link.

And lets compare with the last issue #20, that was sent under BPMail.me:

BPMail Newsletter #20

I used to have much higher clicks percentage, so I definitely have new goals to achieve.

Interesting Things

  • There is a user, who opened issue #22 24 times. That’s an absolute record right now. But he didn’t make any clicks then. I feel excited seeing him actually clicking on some links in the just sent issue #23 :).
  • I got most manual unsubscribes in issue #21, the initial Relaunch.
  • WordPress plugins cumulative clicks are much higher that those for themes. Good data to think about.
  • #23 (just sent) should be better than #22. Fingers crossed.



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