Why caring about users?

You have a product, or a service. You are trying to make living by selling what you have (in general it’s just all about selling time for different types of activities you are involved into – brainstorming[1. Oh, you are still not brainstorming? You definitely should try!], creating[2. I mean writing code, preparing images/design elements,… Continue reading Why caring about users?

BP Groups Extras: what is next?

For several weeks already I’ve been working with my rather old plugin BuddyPress Groups Extras. I have released several versions (with both new features and bug fixes). The percentage of code that was rewritten is nearly 70% and the plugin became much, much better. BuddyPress Groups should have more functionality, as they are an essential… Continue reading BP Groups Extras: what is next?

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Why should we provide feedback to developers?

The Internet has created a virtual world, where ideas can be generated quickly and in large numbers. The reason is simple – it’s diversified. Lots of people, lots of resources, creativity, minds, events – all in the same place, within one click/tap to open the browser. It’s great that someone is trying to extend internet… Continue reading Why should we provide feedback to developers?

BPGE v3.5 Coming Soon

A huge piece of work was done on rewriting BuddyPress Groups Extas plugin. Nearly 70% of the code was modified and improved. Plugin admin area was changed dramatically. But the main change is the code clean-up and preparation for extending the plugin. Very soon several new features will be added, that will give ability for… Continue reading BPGE v3.5 Coming Soon

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Started Android Development

PHP and Javascript are really cool languages, PHP is easy, JS is flexible and fun. But after several years of usage I’ve decided to learn something new. Java is the (perhaps) most powerful language. Android is the OS I’m using on my mobile phone. And it’s written in Java. So I decided to try to… Continue reading Started Android Development