Working on CommentsWP

WordPress comments haven’t changed a lot – same interface, same functionality – for years. At some point, I decided to improve this important component and started working on the CommentsWP plugin.

This post is a brief history of the CommentsWP plugin creation: how and when I came up with the idea, my general process, and the final outcome.

How to organize custom code for plugins & themes

You have lots of plugins, and even a theme. You are brave and adventurous – and you write (or copy-paste) lots of snippets to modify their default behavior. Now you have a custom code all over the place and even in your theme functions.php.
Is there a better way to fix that mess?

BuddyPress Auto Posting v1.1 released!

I’m working on a 2 weeks-development circle, so today is the release day for the new version on BuddyPress Auto Posting – v1.1. It has several code improvements and 2 new really exciting features – scheduling site-wide notices publishing and group members unbanning. Get the plugin in the store for just $14!