Current plans: BP Search and SeoPress

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Time is passing by and some plans are needed to be revealed.

The work in Ovirium almost never stops, and currently working on several things at once. The most important is BuddyPress Search (announced here) that is almost ready for the first public release. This version won’t have much, but that’s the point of MVP. BP Search will be a paid plugin, which I plan to distribute via So I highly recommend to check this or that site regularly.

Another important plan is about SeoPress plugin. Its initial code is rather old and in many places it requires huge rewrite. I will also cut some functionality or will move to individual extensions (as they are not required for everybody). Some work already started and in mid- or end- of November the new version should be ready to be released.

To sum up:

  1. End of October or first days of November – BuddyPress Search release
  2. November is the month of SeoPress update.


2 responses to “Current plans: BP Search and SeoPress”

  1. Hello “slaFFik” !
    Some minutes ago Konrad from “Themekraft” gave me the link to this point.
    Some month ago I bought SeoPress and therefore I’m looking out for November.
    Thanks ! – Danke !
    Have a wonderful time ! Greetings full of sun from Hannover, Germany !

  2. Hi KChristoph,
    Thanks for the kind words :) Will try to at least stabilize SeoPress in November and make the code ready for the future updates.

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