Extensions Management Model Changed

author image Slava Abakumov



It took me a while to understand how to better work with extensions for my plugins. I’m talking about BuddyPress Groups Extras and it’s premium extension Search.

Unfortunately, first I decided to make premium features available inside the main plugin. So I created a _pro folder in the plugin and placed required files there. So when I pushed updates to the free BPGE version, I needed to reupload and change the version for the premium version. Now I see that EDD model is much more better.

So from today all extensions to BuddyPress Groups Extras will be a standalone plugins. That means easier to update, maintain, track changes and report. You will download a BPGE free from WordPress repository (and get it’s updates as usual users) AND you will install a paid extension as a separate plugin, that will extend the main plugin (and will get its own updates).

This change will also fix that annoying bug, that I can’t even replicate – notification about the new extension version is not disappearing over time. Now it’s gone.

The best way to be updated about new versions – subscribe to RSS on this site or to my twitter account. Soon I will release the system, that will make possible updating premium extensions right from your WordPress dashboard.


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