Kharkiv WordPress Meetup #3

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Kharkiv WordPress Meetup #3

On November 11th there was a Kharkiv WordPress Meetup #3 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. That’s my native city, so I decided to participate as a speaker. Especially after taking part in WordCamp Kyiv 2016, which was in September.

I’ve sent my proposed topic with short description to its organizers, was approved and then happily spoke in front of several hundreds of participants. My topic was:

So, you’ve decided to create a plugin for sale…

Here is a short description of what I was talking about:

  1. Motivation
    • Creating new product
    • Solving problems
    • Using some technologies
    • Money
  2. Idea
    • Take it from community
    • Do not create a problem no one has
    • Evaluate ideas: by importance, difficulty, interestingness for yourself (motivation)
  3. Development
    • Preparation for development
      • Technical writing / documentation
      • Minimum versions
      • Technologies
    • Development process
      • Tasks management
      • Builds & CI
      • Documentation
      • Сompromises
  4. Releases
    • Preparation for the 1st release
      • First is not public
      • Working with featured users / clients
    • Official release
      • Sending notifications
      • Social networks
      • Reviews
  5. Sell
    • Selecting place to sell
      • Own site
    • Start of sales
      • Landing page
      • Metrics (Baremetrics, Metorik, GA etc)
    • Commisions
      • Money withdraw
      • Taxes (UA, EU)
  6. Profit?
    • Support
    • Promotion
    • Refunds
    • Further development

It was a very pleasant experience. I’ve learned one lesson – don’t try to talk about everything. My speech was around an hour  long (with questions from the audience), and that seems to be too long. But the topic was so interesting for all of the people, that I was a bit overwhelmed with questions, their diversity and quantity.

People were coming to me during the breaks, and most questions after the meetup on Questions and Answers session were also around creating plugins, managing self and all that thing.

Update: recently a video was published with my presentation. It’s almost 1.5 hrs, but anyway, here is a link:


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