Moving Forward

author image Slava Abakumov



Place is changing, code is written, work is evolved, plans are developed.

Finally some positive decisions were made, and this will result in more time dedicated to the site, plugins development, clients work and etc. Plus a new team member, Anton, joined Ovirium, so it will be more enjoyable to work.

So in general, we are back. Perhaps not immediately 100%, but steadily increasing the time and efforts invested in this venture.


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  1. Hi slaFFik,

    glad to hear you are back. Although you do not know me I have been for years a fan of a very specific plugin of yours, namely bp gtm system 🙂

    I was wondering if you have any plans with this? I recently tried it again after 2 years (working on a website for my local horse riding club) (github master version 1.9.6) and it breaks on wp 3.9. I think it is a pitty because it was simply beautiful and even today no alternative comes close to what it offered.

    So if you have plans, please let me know. I would gladly buy a copy if you make it premium! (and I think a lot of others too)



    1. Hi Haime,

      It is still not a quick process, but updates will come sooner then later.

      Regarding BP GTM System plugin – it is hugely outdated, used the super-old BuddyPress code-base. It will be easier to rewrite it from scratch, and I believe I will do that. And in that case it will be a paid plugin, with extensions.

      Stay tuned!

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