New plugin in progress – BP Auto Posting

author image Slava Abakumov


BP Auto Posting: Featured Image

As the OviDi creation postponed (I don’t have enough time and knowledge to create a theme I want) I’m now focusing on other things.

Currently I have 2 plugins on BP Extend Groups Descriptions and BP Profiles Stat. The second one shows rather good sales (more or less) – taking into account that there are only few BuddyPress plugins there on a marketplace.

I will try to fix that thing.

Currently I’m working with the BuddyPress Auto Posting plugin. The first version will give ability to schedule groups forums topics – so you can create now, and they will be posted in the future. Everything in a WordPress style. I hope you will like it.

BP Auto Posting - Demo

That’s the page with the list of scheduled posts to publish into group forum.

Soon this plugin will be ready!


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