Product Launch: WooCommerce Assistant

author image Slava Abakumov



Please welcome WooCommerce Assistant – my new paid WooCommerce extension. After years of development (more on that in a separate post), I and Gregory Karpinsky finally released it in July to the general public.

What is WooCommerce Assistant?

WooCommerce Assistant is a plugin to automate all things WooCommerce that will allow you to free some of your time, as a shop manager, to dedicate it to what matters the most – the business.

Admins and shop managers won’t need to manually tweak things on a regular basis to make stock and prices optimizations – all of these will be handled by WooCommerce Assistant. At the start it consists of 3 workflows:

  1. The “Introductory Offers” workflow
  2. The “Low Stock Clearance” workflow
  3. “End the Sales” workflow

Each of them has a set of rules that will perform certain actions, and after that related users will be notified about fired events. You can read more in our documentation.

The amount of things that are planned is quite overwhelming, especially taking into account all the requests that we already got from our users. This whole thing starts as a price and stock management but is quickly submerging into customers management, orders management and other areas of your shop on WooCommerce that can and should be automated.

Here is its presentation, prepared as a video (thus no audio):

It was one of the planned things for 2019, and I’m really happy this actually has happened.


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