RUTAH – what is it and what for?

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While working with my own WordPress theme called OviDi (design in progress), I faced (with no surprise) with a task to create an admin area for the upcoming themes (OviDi, as mentioned, and perhaps Commenter).

I want to do such routine work really quickly, rapidly. And I don’t want to repeat these steps again and again. And I want own solution, that suits my willing the best way. And I like ham :)

So I have started and almost finished the skeleton of a theme-developer’ helper, called RUTAH. The process of selecting the name was a pain – I wanted to call it Rapid, but there is a WordPress theme with this name. After several attempts and googling and decided to stay with Rutah. And I don’t regret it so far.

So what is Rutah in details?

It is mainly a small framework (currently only 1 PHP file with several CSS and JS helpers), several classes. You can extend them and create your own theme admin area – that will save you 400-500 hand-written lines of code (examples will be provided later). Or you can just make changes in the code itself (not recommended though).

I would really appreciate any ideas and feedback.

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