Select tools to satisfy current needs

Developers life isn’t easy. We have lots of ideas,┬ácode to write, lots of everything else┬áto satisfy current needs: frameworks, libraries, tools. And that’s developers, who take responsibility when they select those things, that will be used in projects. Client almost always doesn’t have any idea (and, basically, should not care) about the difference between them,… Continue reading Select tools to satisfy current needs

Some alternatives to Ghost: Roon & Draft

While trying to find some time to play with Ghost (after its 0.4 release; still no plugins/themes API there though) – I decided to share with you 2 other possible alternatives with a bit different approaches but with the same minimalistic dashboards.

Why caring about users?

You have a product, or a service. You are trying to make living by selling what you have (in general it’s just all about selling time for different types of activities you are involved into – brainstorming[1. Oh, you are still not brainstorming? You definitely should try!], creating[2. I mean writing code, preparing images/design elements,… Continue reading Why caring about users?

Why should we provide feedback to developers?

The Internet has created a virtual world, where ideas can be generated quickly and in large numbers. The reason is simple – it’s diversified. Lots of people, lots of resources, creativity, minds, events – all in the same place, within one click/tap to open the browser. It’s great that someone is trying to extend internet… Continue reading Why should we provide feedback to developers?