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Although I have a lot of things to do for BuddyPress Groups Extras plugin, I can’t stop my imagination from working on new plugins. I have 8 plugin ideas, from small to huge, and starting to implement them one by one.

For now let me introduce you the very basic version of my upcoming BuddyPress Search plugin (generally like a concept). Below is the screenshot.


Right now you can see (and sort) all searches (related to BuddyPress) that were done by your members across the network: looking for groups, members and forum topics. In future you will be able to filter, block, analyze and much more with all that data. I plan to implement lots of things that will improve search experience as well.

So if you are interested – show me you interest 🙂 I need a network to grab data and and make some stat magic with it. Ideally your network should have several hundreds of active users per day, that write something and communicate with each other. Can you help me make this plugin better?


4 responses to “Testing New Plugin – BuddyPress Search”

  1. This is intended for site admins rather than users?

  2. Paul, at this moment – yes. But I have ideas on how to make better search for BuddyPress (clever search, predictive etc). Just need some live data on how people use that search (and in general – do they use it?)

  3. I would also like to offer something like this to my users. But I do not have a live site running at the moment as I have some trouble to get my ideas to correspond with existing plugins or having troubles with bugs in them 😉 I also need a dev/designer to make my site look good and many other things… but spare time is limiting me at the moment… 🙂

  4. […] and currently working on several things at once. The most important is BuddyPress Search (announced here) that is almost ready for the first public release. This version won’t have much, but […]

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