Why should we provide feedback to developers?

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The Internet has created a virtual world, where ideas can be generated quickly and in large numbers. The reason is simple – it’s diversified. Lots of people, lots of resources, creativity, minds, events – all in the same place, within one click/tap to open the browser.

It’s great that someone is trying to extend internet user experience, creating new products and services. That makes the life easier, and funnier. But as you know no one can produce the only right and solid idea, that will fit to everyone, no one can create anything without any drawbacks – alone. The initial creator is excited about his/her project (at least should be) – and makes mistakes, over- or under- estimates some features. And as the project is user-oriented (in most cases) – the end users should help too.

Developers love the feedback, love the interest we show to their “child”. And to guide their efforts into the right direction we should say them, what is needed or not, what is useful and what is just a crap. That’s the developer’s responsibility to listen or not, but at least the words were said.

So, when you find the in-development project that will help you to solve some problem, or will entertain you or will do whatever it plans to make your life better – don’t hesitate to contact the developers or whoever is available for you. Show your interest, answer their questions (if they have/prepared what to ask), try to spend at least some (let it be small) amount of time going through features or alpha/beta version – and provide feedback to the developer.

It’s easy. If you are a:

  • security guy – spend 10 minutes to find xss/xcrf/exploits/whatever, and say about them to developers;
  • designer, UX/UI guru – you always know what to change, no matter how perfect or not the project;
  • developer – advice some libraries that will make the site/app/service better;
  • qa – everything above in the list is your ordinary work, so you know what to do :)
  • average user – your feelings and problems that you want to solve with this project/service/whatever.

So be active.

And in case you are a developer – give ability for anyone to contact you directly – via Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, email or whatever is convenient for you and your end users. All in all, you are improving their life with your project. So be open.


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  1. I totally suscribe to providing feedback to developers. Definitely :-)

  2. […] (as there is no such thing) and sometimes bugs are there in the products. Be thankful when you get a feedback, write down everything users found and try to be honest – accept those bugs and just fix […]

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