WPForms has 5 million installs

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For more than 4 years I’m working for the Awesome Motive company (we are hiring!). I’ve joined the WPForms team back in August 2017 and since then I’m actively involved in the development of various WPForms products: Contact Forms by WPForms, WP Mail SMTP, etc.

That’s been quite a journey in many areas but specifically a lot of challenges with product growth and team growth. I will write down my thoughts about the team aspect at a later date, right now I want to belatedly celebrate a huge milestone we reached several months ago:

Yeah, 5 million active installs for the flagship WPForms plugin and only one of 9 plugins in the history of WordPress reaching these heights.

The road to this huge number was exciting (and so challenging!) in a lot of senses. It’s all about (in no particular order):

  • technical challenges – the codebase is huge, growing, everchanging;
  • users’ needs prioritization – because we care and want to deliver;
  • product management – due to our users base size we have a dedicated site for all feature requests received from users and customers;
  • team management – sustaining the plugin growth requires the team growth as well, both in quality and in quantity;
  • huge efforts in providing customer support (and I strongly believe we succeeded in this area) – the amount of work our best in class support team is doing is insane.

So, I’d like to say “Thank you!” to all of our users, who trusted us and are using our plugin, and to the whole WPForms team working tirelessly on this amazing product.


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