Plans for 2019

Photo Eric Rothermel

What I expect to achieve in 2019: own projects launch, more books and blogging.

WordPress testing suite vs Windows 10 and WSL

I’m quite a fan of the Windows operating system in general and Windows 10 Pro in particular. Pretty much all of my projects are written in PHP and JavaScript and developed locally using a great tool called OSPanel. The only exception is a project where I investigate Go programming language and its goroutines to scrap one… Continue reading WordPress testing suite vs Windows 10 and WSL

Kharkiv WordPress Meetup #5

One more time I was invited to talk at a local Kharkiv WordPress Meetup #5, which took place on April 20th. I have decided to share my thoughts on what you should do before actually starting to rewrite your WordPress plugin with a huge user base (in my case – over 700k active installs).